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I am currently a juniorat the University of South Alabama, though the school year is almost over. I am majoring in Secondary Education and English. I will be a great high school English teacher and I know that I would enjoy it.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


One of the things that we have learned in EDM 310 is Cooperative Learning. Through Personal Learning Networks, we can learn from other people. We can build up our Personal Learning Network in whatever way, be it about teaching, technology, hobbies, or all three. The PLN can consist of anyone, e.g. experts, students, or teachers. I personally think that this would be a fun way for students to keep up with and learn new things for class.

One thing that I though would be interesting for my class is using Skype. I could look through my PLN and Skype experts or other teachers as a part of my lessons. My students could ask them questions that I might not know. I would even get a chance to learn something new.

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