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I am currently a juniorat the University of South Alabama, though the school year is almost over. I am majoring in Secondary Education and English. I will be a great high school English teacher and I know that I would enjoy it.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ready and Raring to Teach!

Students in a Classroom
I have thought about it and each of the education classes that I have taken here at USA has taught me what I deem important for me to know. In my past class, Eduction in a Diverse Society, I got involved in different high school classrooms. I not only observeed, but got involved in the teachers' works like paperwork, grades, lesson plans. I got to really see some of the backstage jobs of being a teacher. I also had to interview teachers. I was able to get some very experienced teachers who knew a lot about everything in teaching. I learned all that I needed for my class and more.

This year, I learned about using technology to teach. I think that this will allow for more creativity and fun in my classroom. I believe that by the time I start teaching, I will know how to make my students will enjoy learning. It would be my dream to get them to want to learn more. My education class at USA so far seem to be good, firm steps to help me reach that goal.

Using Technology in My Classroom

I never thought much about technology before. I used my computer to make presentations and paper. I used the internet for research, email, and games. I did not really think much about using technology in my classroom when I became a teacher.Because of this class, I have seen the error of my ways.

I have found some fun (I think) ways to use technology for my future students. I love the idea of having a class website. Each student would have a page where they would put what that learned or blog. The homepage could have everything that I am teaching. It could have links to mmoviecasts or posdcasts that I have made of lectures. I could also post up assignments and study guide for students to look at or print out on whim. The students could use the internet to make a PLN from which they could find research material or additional lessons.

I will make sure that my students know about Google materials. I adore Google Docs where I can make group presentations, forms, or papers. Google lets me share the material so whoever I choose can work on the same project with me, no matter where they are.

I also would like to make my students learn how to make moviecasts and podcasts. I find that I learn the material better if I know that I will have it recorded for other people to hear and/or see.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


One of the things that we have learned in EDM 310 is Cooperative Learning. Through Personal Learning Networks, we can learn from other people. We can build up our Personal Learning Network in whatever way, be it about teaching, technology, hobbies, or all three. The PLN can consist of anyone, e.g. experts, students, or teachers. I personally think that this would be a fun way for students to keep up with and learn new things for class.

One thing that I though would be interesting for my class is using Skype. I could look through my PLN and Skype experts or other teachers as a part of my lessons. My students could ask them questions that I might not know. I would even get a chance to learn something new.

Why Teach?

Question Mark on Key Board
I thought about teaching since I was in high school. Some of our teachers could not get us to understand parts of the subjects. I understood the subject material most of the time and was able to explain the material to my classmates who needed help most of the time. Needless to say, this made me feel very confident and helpful. I was told that I would make a good teacher. This shocked me for a while (I had no idea what I wanted to be when I graduated.) I liked the idea. I wanted to be one of the good teachers that changes her students lives for the better. I want my students to understand what I am teaching and I want to be able to get them to want to learn.

I started off wanting to teach math. This was one of the major problem areas for my classmates. I could get them to understand the material so I thought that could help some future students have an easier time in math then we did. Unfortunately, I did not like my math classes in college. After panicking for a few days, I ended up changing my major from mathematics to English a few week before school ended in my third semester in college.

There is a big difference in mathematics and English, right? I did fairly well in English in high school. In fact, I did very well. My highest score on the ACT was in English. Daddy says it was because I read so much. I adore reading. Whenever I have spare time, which is very rare this semester, I have a book in my hands. Now a days, I only have time to read walking to and from classes. But I am enjoying my new major and I look forwards to teaching something that I love so much.

What We Have Learned in EDM 310

One of the first things that we learned in our Microcomputing Systems was blogging. Every week we were to post a response about some assigned work for our individual class blogs. Slowing our blogging responsibilities built. We had to look at a couple of fellow classmates posts and respond to them. Next we started blogging to students from various school across the globe. Our latest blog assignment was called Comments 4 Teachers. As the title infers, we looked at different teachers posts for a couple weeks each and posted a response on our blogs.
Computer on Fire
On thing that I learned and have used over and over again in my other classes is Google Docs. I can make a presentation on Google and share it with any of my friends who have Google. We can work on the same presentation at the same time together. We do not have to worry about sending the presentation around in the mail or, one problem I have had, worry about whether the computer you use for your presentation has the right system to support it.

For some of the other many assignments that we have had to make, we have used electronic recorders. Audacity and Skype are a two. We have Skyped with teachers in other countries to learn about their views of technology and its uses. We have used Audacity to make podcasts about technology. All in all, it's been a busy semester in the classroom of EDM 310.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

School Year Winding Down

With only a few more weeks of school left, EDM 310 students are scurrying. Dazed and not a little freaked out, students look through checklists and the class syllabus to make sure all projects are finished. As I looked through everything that we have learned and completed, I am amazed. This class has driven me half crazy but I must say that it has made me even more excited about teaching. I have learned new and fun ways to incorporate technology into my future classroom. Not only will I have fun making lessons, but my students will enjoy learning and hopefully want to learn more.