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I am currently a juniorat the University of South Alabama, though the school year is almost over. I am majoring in Secondary Education and English. I will be a great high school English teacher and I know that I would enjoy it.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ready and Raring to Teach!

Students in a Classroom
I have thought about it and each of the education classes that I have taken here at USA has taught me what I deem important for me to know. In my past class, Eduction in a Diverse Society, I got involved in different high school classrooms. I not only observeed, but got involved in the teachers' works like paperwork, grades, lesson plans. I got to really see some of the backstage jobs of being a teacher. I also had to interview teachers. I was able to get some very experienced teachers who knew a lot about everything in teaching. I learned all that I needed for my class and more.

This year, I learned about using technology to teach. I think that this will allow for more creativity and fun in my classroom. I believe that by the time I start teaching, I will know how to make my students will enjoy learning. It would be my dream to get them to want to learn more. My education class at USA so far seem to be good, firm steps to help me reach that goal.

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